2023 Managing Board Elections

OFMA will be holding its annual election of officers at the 2023 Ohio Statewide Floodplain Management Conference. Members of the organization will vote upon the following positions:

  • President (1) for 2023-2025 term
  • Vice-President (1) for 2023-2025 term
  • Secretary (1) for 2023-2025 term
  • Treasurer (1) for 2023-2025 term
  • Member-At-Large (3) for 2023-2025 term

Candidates must be WMAO Members in good standing and are asked submit a completed application, brief summary of qualifications, and photo. Nominations and candidate information should be forwarded to Membership/Nominating Committee Chair, Shawn Arden at 614-775-4210 or

Powers and Duties of the Managing Board

Actions of the Managing Board are subject to the limitations of the MOU and Code of Regulations. The Managing Board has the power and right to make and enforce rules and procedures upon all members, cooperate in joint action with other persons or organizations to achieve OFMA goals and objectives, and contract for services as deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the business of OFMA.

Managing Board members shall have the responsibility and authority to:

  • Provide input and vote on the annual budget to be presented to WMAO;
  • Review and make recommendations for changes to the MOU and Code of Regulations to the general membership;
  • Meet biannually to review the Strategic Plan for OFMA;
  • Make recommendations regarding the slate of officers and committee members to accomplish the business and objectives of OFMA; and
  • Establish committees and prescribe their purpose and authority for decision-making, as well as, dissolve reorganize and oversee committee progress.

Position Descriptions


The President serves as the general executive officer of OFMA and presides at all Managing Board meetings. In general, the President is responsible for the direction, supervision and control of the business and affairs of OFMA. The President has the authority to: sign and execute all contracts related to OFMA activities identified in the approved OFMA budget; make purchases as approved by the OFMA Board if the expenditure has been appropriated in the current year budget and receipts are provided to WMAO Treasurer; sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Water Management Association of Ohio and The Ohio Floodplain Management Association. The President may have additional duties and functions as prescribed by the WMAO Executive Board.


The Vice-President shall act in the place and stead of the President in the event of absence, inability or refusal to act, and shall exercise and discharge such other duties as deemed necessary by the Managing Board.


The Secretary shall be responsible for: notice (written, email, web posting, fax) to members of all meetings as required; complete set of official minutes of all general membership and Managing Board meetings; in cooperation with the WMAO Secretary and Administrative Officer maintaining a current membership roster; maintaining the OFMA Standard Operating Procedures, copies of committee reports and policy recommendations; maintaining the correspondence of OFMA. The WMAO Secretary (and Administrative Officer) shall maintain all corporate books, records and documents and a current WMAO membership roster.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for: preparing the annual OFMA budget in consultation with the Managing Board in accordance with the MOU; maintaining an OFMA ledger of expenditures and income and providing quarterly financial statements to the Managing Board; coordinating with the WMAO Treasurer as needed for activities such as processing of requests, pay-ins, and budget balances; providing all receipts for reimbursed expenditures to the WMAO Treasurer.

Members at Large

This office has been established to encourage and increase community involvement with the organization. Representation from various geographic regions of the state will be considered in filling this officer position. Members at Large represent the members within their geographic region and/or statewide; serve on and fulfill obligations of Executive Board members; solicit, compile and present interests and concerns of membership; disseminate organizational information to members as needed; and promote the goals and objectives of the organization, recruit new members and encourage active participation in OFMA.essary by the Managing Board.

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