OFMA has established standing committees to address areas of greatest concern to OFMA and to perform many of the functions of the organization. The Chairman may appoint a committee, with the approval of the Executive Board, as needed to address the issues and business of OFMA. There are currently seven standing committees:

Conference Planning

Plans and coordinates the annual Statewide Floodplain Management Conference


Monitors national, state, and local legislation relating to or affecting floodplain management and coordinates OFMA action and response


Works on various educational projects, events, and website maintenance.


Works to strengthen the membership of OFMA and develops the nominating slate for the annual elections


Manages the financial operations of OFMA and develops the annual budget for the organization


Works to review award and scholarship applications for consideration by the OFMA Executive Board.


Works to identify and report on new science and technology related to floodplain management.


Participation in OFMA Committees is not limited to WMAO Members. If you are interested in participating in an OFMA Committee, please contact .

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